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How Marble’s Sleep Tech Works: HexiGrid™ Mattress Technology

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How Marble’s Sleep Tech Works: HexiGrid™ Mattress Technology

At Marble, we’re dedicated to revolutionising your sleep experience. That’s why we’ve turned to nature’s most remarkable engineers – European honeybees – and their extraordinary honeycomb structures for inspiration. The result is our innovative HexiGrid™ technology, a key component in our advanced sleep tech mattresses.

The Science Behind the Honeycomb

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Honeybees are masters of efficiency. Their hexagonal honeycomb cells are a marvel of bio-inspired engineering that allows them to store honey, raise their young, and maintain structural integrity using minimal materials. We’ve harnessed these principles in our mattresses with HexiGrid technology.

Our unique hexagonal grid design creates a mattress that:

  • Reduces pressure: Distributes weight effectively: Each hexagonal cell in the HexiGrid is connected to its neighbours. When pressure is applied to a single cell, it’s not solely borne by that cell; instead, the force is distributed across the connected network of hexagons. This spreads the load over a wider area, reducing concentrated pressure points on your body.
  • Enhances durability: The interconnected hexagonal structure is renowned for its strength and resilience. The HexiGrid’s network of cells works together to resist deformation and maintain the mattress’s shape over time. This translates into greater longevity and a consistently supportive sleep surface.

Beyond the Honeycomb – Cooling Mattress Tech Inspired by Cacti

Cacti have evolved remarkable strategies to thrive in harsh desert environments. Their unique surface patterns play a crucial role in minimising heat absorption and preventing water loss. Inspired by these desert survivors, we’ve engineered our HexiGrid mattress fabrics with specialised weaves that enhance cooling and comfort. Here’s how it works:
  • Promotes Airflow: The specialised weaves create a more breathable surface, facilitating air movement and preventing heat from getting trapped.
  • Increases Surface Area: The weave patterns increase the fabric’s surface area, enhancing heat dissipation for a cooler sleep experience.

The Benefits of Marble’s Proprietary Sleep Tech

Altogether, what does this mean for your sleep? Quite a lot, actually:

  • Improved Sleep Quality: The HexiGrid’s pressure-reducing properties minimise disturbances. This may lead to faster sleep onset and fewer nighttime awakenings, promoting more restorative sleep cycles.
  • Reduced Aches and Pains: The HexiGrid’s adaptable support cradles your body’s contours, encouraging better spinal alignment. This alignment can help alleviate pressure points and reduce morning stiffness.
  • Enhanced Sleep Comfort: The HexiGrid offers a unique balance of plushness and support. This combination creates a comfortable sleep surface that adapts to your body’s individual needs.
  • Cooler Sleep: Traditional memory foam mattresses can retain body heat, leading to discomfort. Marble mattresses with HexiGrid technology combat this issue in two key ways:
    • Enhanced Breathability: Unlike memory foam, the HexiGrid structure facilitates air movement, preventing heat buildup.
    • Active Heat Dissipation: The HexiGrid’s 800+ air channels help circulate warm air away from your body, maintaining a more comfortable sleep temperature.

Marble – Where Nature Meets Sleep Tech

At our bed shop in Singapore, we believe that the best mattress tech is developed in collaboration with Mother Nature. Our philosophy draws inspiration from time-tested natural designs, like the honeycomb and the barrel cactus, to inform our innovative sleep solutions. HexiGrid technology is a prime example of this. Experience cutting-edge sleep technology powered by nature’s genius with Marble mattresses today. Sleep better, feel refreshed, and wake up ready to seize the day. View our mattresses online.

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