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Product Information

No you don’t. Our mattresses are made with durable materials and do not require any flipping. Let’s keep the flipping to pancakes and bad mattresses.

We put so much care into our materials and manufacturing process. So we’re glad you’re interested.

First up, our Mattress Foams! We work with leading organizations like CertiPUR-US® that ensures our foams are held to high standards for carbon emissions, health & safety and regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. For more information, you can visit their website here:

Our textiles are made in High Point, North Carolina. A small city with an estimated population of less than 120,000 people. Most of the people who work there come from a long heritage of craftsmanship and upholstery making, beginning 1889.

The textiles and foam then make their way to Hong Kong for assembly and packaging before it is finally shipped to you in Singapore.

Our manufacturers meet ISO standards for quality, training, safety, and environmental practices.

Once you take the mattress out of the box, it takes a few minutes for our mattresses to reach its full size. 

Do keep in mind though, that some of our mattresses may take longer for it to reach it’s full dimensions.


While our store is in the midst of being launched. We’re looking at adding an online showroom where you can view our products and get personal with our customer representatives. We’ll be announcing this shortly!

Sometimes its nice to have a feel of our products before making a purchase, and we absolutely understand that.

Our plans for a flagship store in Singapore were put on hold due to the Covid-19 situation. The safety of our guests and staff are extremely important to us.

So while we monitor the everchanging circumstances, here’s some good news.

We offer a 100 night trial from the comfort of your home. There’s simply no comparison to trying a mattress for a few minutes compared to 100 nights.

In the event you have second thoughts, our return process is made fuss free, plus you get a full refund when you make a return. That means no restocking, delivery or hidden fees.

Returns, Trial & Exchanges

We’re happy to help check on your refund! Please reach out to our Customer Experience team with your order number on hand.

If you’ve been sleeping on another bed every night for the past few years. It just takes time for your body to get adjusted. That’s why with our risk-free trial and return policy, you can try our products from the comfort of your own home.

Our mattresses come with a 100 night risk-free trial and all other products come with a 30 night risk-free trial.

During this trial, if you have any second thoughts. We make a collection at your convenience, and make a full refund to you. No hidden fees.

Orders, Shipping & Tracking

Just reach out to us with your order number on hand. Our friendly Customer Experience will be more than happy to get that checked for you and provide you an update.

When making a checkout, you will be prompted to select a date and a time for your delivery.

Our delivery partner will call you at least an hour prior to arriving at your shipping address. Upon arrival, our partners will deliver your products to the appropriate room, unbox them and remove any additional packaging. This includes setting up your adjustable bedframe, if applicable.

You can also add a removal service to remove and recycle your previously owned mattress and bedframe within the same time window.

All items removed using our In-Home Delivery and Setup service must be in a sanitary condition.

Payments & Refunds

We accept the following payment options:

Credit Cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

Debit/Bank cards

We also offer financing options through our partner PaywithSplit. Read more about this payment option here.

Thank you for your patience! But hang tight, it can take our warehouse and financing team up to two weeks to receive and process your return.

We’ll be sure to send a refund notification email as soon as we’ve issued your refund!


Our success depends on our supply partnerships and the people who make our products. In support of this, Marble take special steps to work with partners that have existing safeguards which promote healthy and sustainable working conditions.

Our partners are also willing to certify via our contracts and code of conduct that their workers are treated with dignity, fairness, and an elevated regard for their health and safety.

We expect our suppliers to be open and honest with us about their successes and challenges.

Beyond written commitments, our supply chain is governed by the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, read more here.


Sustainability is a big word, and often thrown about by businesses in Singapore. 

At Marble, our goal is to reverse environmental impacts of overconsumption by creating products that reflect that value and respect to nature.

At the same time we too look at solving pertinent social issues in the communities around us, such as homelessness and displacement.

We aren’t where we want to be yet, but we are working hard to get there by the end of 2022 in these areas.

Carbon Footprint: To measure and lower emissions for every product we produce. 

Materials: To fully pick materials from sources that are certified to be environmentally sustainable.

End of Life: When a customer makes a return of any lightly used products that are unable to be sold.

We look at promoting circularity and donating them to some of our partnering organizations.

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