Sizing Guide for Single to King-sized Mattresses in Singapore

Marble's Magical Mattress Sizing Guide

Illustration of a woman lying face down on the single-sized Meridian Daily Hybrid mattress.

Single Mattress Size

(90cm x 190cm)

Illustration of a woman lying face down on the super single-sized Meridian Daily Hybrid mattress.

Super Single Mattress Size

(107cm x 190cm)

Illustration of a woman enjoying her cup of tea with her black cat and a book by her side.

Queen Mattress Size

(150cm x 190cm)

Illustration of a woman laying on the Meridian Daily Hybrid mattress with a book and a cat.

King Mattress Size

(180cm x 190cm)

Illustration of a woman on the split elevated Meridian Daily Hybrid mattress on Marble Flex bed frame

Split King Mattress Size

(180cm x 190cm)

Welcome to your Magical Sorting Guide to picking out the perfect-sized bed.

So you’re ready to make the jump and pick out one of the comfiest mattresses you can get, but which size fits you?

Which size will rule them all? Great questions. Now let’s jump into it and get you thinking about the factors you’ll need to consider before picking a mattress size. We’ve come up with five illustrations to give you a better idea about which mattress is appropriate for you and your adventure party.

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Mattress Size Dimensions

Single: 90cm x 190cm | 36″ x 75″

Super Single: 107cm x 190cm | 42″ x 75″

Queen: 150cm x 190cm | 60″ x 75″

King: 180cm x 190cm | 72″ x 75″

Split King: 180cm x 190cm | 72″ x 75″

Single Bed Size

Measuring 36 inches wide by 75 inches long (90cm x 190cm), a Singapore single mattresses’ dimensions make it the smallest bed size you can get. Its compact sizing makes it ideal for children and single adults. It’s also great for individuals with small living spaces such as studio apartments.

Illustration of a single bedroom with Meridian Daily Hybrid mattress.

Here are Some Single Bed Size Options

Explore our range of single mattresses, single bed frame size, and bed bundles, each crafted for compact living and personalised comfort. Our mattresses combine advanced materials like natural latex for cooling comfort, while our adjustable bed frames fit perfectly in smaller rooms. Ideal for kids or those with smaller bedrooms, our complete single bed size bundle offers a minimalist, functional, and serene sleeping solution.

Super Single Bed Size

The super single bed size measurement, at 42 inches wide and 75 inches long (107cm x 190cm), makes it a preferred choice for most apartment settings in Singapore. This size is approximately 6 inches wider than a standard single mattress, offering additional space for adults who need a little more room but have limited space.
Illustration of a super single bedroom with Meridian Daily Hybrid mattress.

Here are Some Super Single Bed Size Options

Explore our selection of super single bed size options, from snug, yet spacious mattresses to stylish frames and convenient bundles. Our super single mattresses provide extra space and comfort in a compact design. While the sleek and robust bed frames, tailored to fit super single mattress sizes, bring practical elegance to tight areas. Complete your intimate bedroom setup with our bed bundles, which seamlessly blend style, comfort, and space-saving design, making them perfect for small, cosy settings.

Queen Bed Size

Embrace the expansive queen size bed measurement of 60 inches wide and 75 inches long (150cm x 190cm). This mattress size is a perfect fit for any master bedroom, providing ample space for couples or individuals who like some extra room to toss about in bed.
Illustration of a queen bedroom with Meridian Daily Hybrid mattress.

Here are Some Queen Bed Size Options

Our range of queen bed size options includes premium mattresses, elegant frames, and comprehensive bundles. The queen size mattresses provide expansive comfort, striking the perfect balance between support and plushness for a restful sleep in larger settings. On the other hand, the bed frames are designed to accentuate the queen mattress size dimensions, providing a sturdy and elegant foundation. For a complete premium setup, opt for our queen bed bundles, which bring together the best in spacious luxury.

King Bed Size

The king-size bed’s dimension is the widest that you will find on the market. At 72 inches wide and 75 inches long (180cm x 190cm), this mattress size is large enough to accommodate couples who share the bed with their children. Owning a king requires a spacious bedroom.
Illustration of a king bedroom with Meridian Daily Hybrid mattress.

Here are Some King Bed Size Options

Browse our king bed size offerings, featuring opulent mattresses, robust frames, and all-in-one bundles. Our king size mattresses provide spacious and comfortable sleeping areas with advanced support and cooling features. Ideal for a superior sleep experience, they add a touch of extravagance to any spacious bedroom. The king size bed size frames are crafted to support these larger mattresses, blending durability and sophisticated design for an elegant yet functional base. For those aiming for an impressive bedroom setup, our king bed bundles pair a deluxe mattress with a perfectly matched bed frame, creating a regal oasis in one package.

Split King Bed Size

The split king bed measures the same size as the king mattress at 72 inches wide and 75 inches long (180cm x 190cm). However, unlike a king bed that is made up of a single mattress, a split king is made up of 2 separate single mattresses, and the configuration is popular for adjustable bed frames. This allows couples to maintain their own controls (reclining and inclining, massage settings, and much more) on their side of the bed.
Illustration of a king bedroom with elevated Meridian Daily Hybrid mattress on Marble Flex Adjustable bed frame.

Here are Some Split King Bed Size Options

Delve into our split king-sized bed collection, which includes personalised mattresses, adjustable frames, and premium bundles. Our split king mattresses cater to personal comfort preferences, ideal for couples seeking individualised support with the grandeur of a king-sized bed. The adjustable split king frames accommodate two single mattresses, offering tailored comfort for each user. Our split king bundles perfectly pair these mattresses, harmonising individual comfort with a cohesive bedroom aesthetic, making them an excellent choice for a refined and personalised sleeping experience.

Mattress Size Comparisons: Choosing the Right Bed Size

Compare and select the ideal mattress size for your ideal sleep sanctuary:

Single Bed Size

Super Single Bed Size

Queen Bed Size

King Bed Size

Dimensions in inches

36″ x 75″ 

42″ x 75″

60″ x 75″

72″ x 75″

Dimensions in centimetres

90cm x 190cm

107cm x 190cm

150cm x 190cm

180cm x 190cm

Number of people it can accommodate



One to two

One to three

Best suitable for


Teenagers and single adults

Single adults and couples 

Couples with kids

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Frequently Asked Questions About Various Mattress Sizes in Singapore

A super single-size mattress is wider than a regular single, measuring 107cm x 190cm compared to 90cm x 190cm. It offers more space, ideal for those needing extra room.
Yes, a super single-size mattress, with its dimensions of 107cm x 190cm, is well-suited for small apartments, providing comfort without occupying excessive space.
The queen bed mattress size is highly sought after for master bedrooms, striking a balance between comfort and space for single adults and couples. King size mattresses are also a great choice for those desiring additional sleeping area.
Marble’s super single mattress is the ideal choice for solo living in a studio apartment. It offers ample comfort in a compact size, making it a practical yet cosy solution for limited living spaces.
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