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A Mattress Designed by Bees and Fit for a Queen

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A Mattress Designed by Bees and Fit for a Queen

A mattress with a structure resembling Hexigrid honeycomb.

Singapore, 31st January 2020 – The Marble Sleep Company Private Limited is proud to introduce The Maranta Series, a Mattress designed in Singapore and the United States using BioMimicry principles. Biomimicry is the application of nature-inspired strategies in design. 

After holding focus groups in Singapore and Texas throughout 2019, results showed that mattress durability, firm back support, and the ability to keep sleepers cool ranked as top considerations before purchasing a mattress among Singaporeans and Texans.

By studying numerous examples in nature, the industrial design team in North Carolina – Charlotte, headed by Product Design Director and Partner, Richard Woodard, came across the efficiency of Bees and their ability to build hives to dispel moisture, heat during summers and extreme cold during winters. The hexagonal shape of the honeycomb cell is also the most robust shape known and found widely used in architecture and nature.

“The hexagonal cell walls of our Honeycomb layer allows the mattress to wick and evaporate moisture efficiently which cools the sleeper down, the air pockets within the cells prevent the absorption of heat from remaining temperature neutral, and the structure of the mattress is built for pure comfort, luxury, and durability at an affordable sticker price,” said Richard Woodard

The Maranta Series is a 12” Inch Mattress that comprises five layers of premium materials, including Marble’s Cooling Honeycomb foam, and will go on sale 21st February 2020.

Interested parties can place their pre-orders at as limited pieces are available. This Mattress was designed by Bees and fit for a Queen

“We are not satisfied creating just any mattress for sale like any company in the market today, we want to stand out and show that Singaporean companies can create sleep products ahead of the curve not only in Asia but North America too,” said Shawn Ignatius, Marble Sleep Company’s CEO. “We know the women who use a Marble Mattress; they are busy, care for their health, and have no time to feel tired during their hustle of a day. We want to be a company that shines through the innovation and quality of our products, especially in Singapore, our home city that ranks high on sleep deprivation.”  


Temperature Control in Honey Bee Colonies – American Institute of Biological Sciences 

About The Marble Sleep Company

The Marble Sleep Company Private Limited is a Sleep Technology Startup founded in Singapore and Houston, Texas, late 2018. With a team of nine, the company focused on creating innovative comfort products to aid with sleep in the South East Asian market.

The Marble Sleep Company also aims to be a social platform that encourages and facilitates volunteerism among millennials, to raise awareness on social issues in Asia, and to provide safe spaces for sleep to displaced individuals and families. The company stands for inclusivity and firmly believes that no matter who you may be, you will always be welcomed by a brand that cares and believes in creating positive change in communities.

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