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Elevate Your Sleep Game with the Marble Flex Adjustable Bed Frame

We spend one-third of our life either sleeping or attempting to do so

Based on Scientific Research, getting good sleep will give you a better quality of life, improve your body’s regenerative capabilities and would probably prolong your life.

Experience ultimate comfort and get the best sleep your body needs today. Revel in enhanced features such as Marble’s Zero Gravity setting and other favourite positions. Complete your bed frame with our mattresses made with 2″ inches of our HexiGrid™ support layer to get better regenerative sleeping time.

Introducing the Ultimate Sleep Solution

Experience ultimate bedtime comfort with Marble’s Flex Adjustable Bed. Designed to complement our premium range of mattresses, this bed frame offers unlimited ergonomic and convenient head-up and foot-up adjustability to provide the ultimate sleep and lounging experience tailored to your unique posture preferences.

The Marble Flex Series of Adjustable Bed Frames boasts state-of-the-art features, a sleek design that seamlessly integrates with most existing bed frames, and a revolutionary Zero Gravity setting that provides improved back elevation to bring about various health benefits. Elevate your sleep game with Marble’s Flex Adjustable recliner bed and indulge in unparalleled comfort and luxury.



Give Your Body A Boost

There’s nothing more important than taking care of your body and health. 87% of Singaporeans who use a Marble Flex have experienced better sleep in the past year compared to the time they were not using one.


No More Persistent Ailments

The Flex Series of Adjustable Bed Frames support different lying positions, including Marble’s Zero Gravity setting.

This setting is based on NASA’s discovery of an optimal body position that reduces G-Force pressure and brings about various health benefits supported by scientific research.


For Refreshing Sleep​

Gone are the days of bad sleep from snoring and stuffy noses. At the push of a button, you or your partner’s head will be elevated to a position that helps airways stay clear, improving your overall sleep quality.

Optimal Comfort 24/7

Netflix & Chill

Enjoy your favorite Korean TV shows and movies without getting a nasty backache at the end of it. Or prop yourself up and have a quick afternoon nap. 

Universal Compatibility

Keep Your Own Style

The Marble Flex Series of Adjustable Bed Frames fit within the footprint of most existing bed frames so that you can keep your style.

Just reach out to us with photos and dimensions of your current bed frame, and our sleep specialists will help get it all sorted for you.

Invest in Your Well-Being with Marble

Our adjustable bed frames are perfect for any bedroom, offering personalised comfort and convenience with our innovative settings and features. The Marble Flex Series of Adjustable Bed Frames work seamlessly and can be used on a platform or even on your existing bed frame. In addition, our recliner beds are constructed to emulate the efficient designs found in nature to supercharge your sleep. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style with Marble’s Adjustable Bed Frames available in Singapore.

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Come read up about the full features of the Marble Flex. Every purchase is covered by a 30-Night Risk Free Trial. Free Returns, No Hidden Fees.

Good Things People Say

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  1. When I ordered the Marble bundle, I didn’t expect much beyond a great mattress and bed. But to my delight, the package arrived in beautifully designed boxes that had a premium feel. The unboxing experience was truly a treat!

    But what truly won me over was their delivery team. From the moment they arrived at my doorstep, they were professional, friendly, and efficient. They took great care in handling the boxes and assembling the bed, ensuring that everything was in perfect condition. It is evident that they truly care about providing an excellent customer experience.

    I am beyond impressed with Marble’s commitment to service, and I can’t wait to enjoy many nights of restful sleep on our new bed. Thank you Marble, for exceeding my expectations! 💖

    Image #1 from Alyssa L.
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  2. At first buying more sustainable and environmentally conscious products was never a high priority for me and my partner. However after many months of reading the news on climate change and learning about how we can play a small part to help, me and my partner has been more selective about our product purchases.

    We have been looking around and most mattress companies are very secretive on their materials which didn’t sit quite right for us. That was until we found Marble and we totally love that Marble uses certified natural materials in their mattresses.

    It feels good knowing I’m making a positive choice for my family and the environment. Plus, the meridian daily mattress is incredibly comfortable and safe! As Singaporeans, we should all play a part to make choices that are good for the environment and take care of our health and invest early on quality products we use every day. Because health is something that pays off as time goes by.

    Image #1 from Keenan Chan
    Image #2 from Keenan Chan
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  3. This bundle was delivered on 29 Sep 22. After 4 months of use, then I write a review for potential buyer to really have a good understanding of this bed.

    I bought this bed for my elderly 80+ yrs old mum. She had colon cancer and underwent an operation on May 22, carrying a stoma bag. During her admission, I bought a branded good bed mattress n bed frame for her as her previous 2 yrs old bed was too high for her. I was hesitating whether to buy adjustable bed as I just bought the new bed that cost $2K+. I felt heart pain to see her tossing finding a comfortable position to sleep. Bought many pillows from TaoBao to lift up her upper part of her body but none can let her sleep well throughout the night.

    Finally decided to GAMBLE on a Marble bundle. Initially she feels uncomfortable on the 1st 2 days sleeping on it. I messaged Sam, where he told me to let her have some time to adapt to this new bed. After a week or so, she is so happy saying happy to change to marble adjustable bed for her. Now she can sleep better than before.

    Is not 100% but better. Seller can tells you how good a bed is but ultimately it is up to the individual preference. You can see attached photos I post, initially she needs a lot of pillows but after sleeping on marble bed she just needs a pillow for head and 2 small pillows to cover her face n a seahorse pillow.

    Thanks Sam for your good customer service for response to my Whatsapp even late nights as I’m only really free after mum sleeps. Not forgetting the logistics company staff delivering the bed. They are cautious on setting up the bundle. Courteous and they don’t rush things out but do it right.

    Image #1 from Annise Tan
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Zero Gravity Position?

Let's cut to the chase, our adjustable bed frames does not defy gravity but rather it mimics a neutral body posture taken by astronauts during liftoff into space. Because astronauts endure such intense increases in gravity while escaping earth's gravitational pull, its important that their bodies are positioned in a manner that can deal with all that stress.


So even though we're not going to be escaping earth's gravitational pull anytime soon, assuming such a position helps relieve stress points on your body. Some other benefits of this position promotes circulation and may help with high blood pressure, swollen feet, lower back pain and even varicose veins. You can read more from NASA's research here.


Disclaimer: The information contained here is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your primary care physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Can I setup the adjustable bed frame myself?

Marble's Adjustable Bed Frames come instructions in the box, requires no tools, and can be completed within 30 to 45 minutes. That said, we do recommend grabbing a friend to help you with the lifting. You can also select the "In-Home Setup" option at checkout and leave us to do it for you.

Can I use an Adjustable Bed Frame with my existing bed frame?

Yes! As long as your existing bed frame fits with our adjustable bed dimensions, you should be able to use it with our adjustable bed frames. However we recommend that you reach out to one of our product specialists before making the purchase.

How will my Adjustable Bed Frame be delivered?

We offer shipping through NinjaVan (Singapore) for all of our products. Depending on the size that you ordered, your adjustable bed frame will arrive in either one - two boxes. Additionally we offer in home assembly services. This service is free if you are covered under our Medical Inclusivity provision.

Is the Adjustable Bed Frame compatible with other Mattresses?

Our Adjustable Bed Frame are compatible with most memory foam mattresses but we don't recommend its use with a spring mattress. However that said, all of Marble's Mattresses are fully compatible with our adjustable bases and will result in the most divine experience.

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